The Cleveland Hike

21st & 22nd JUNE 2025

Are you ready for the next adventure?​

Whether you’re looking to test your limits on one of the UK’s best hiking events, or just want an adventure you’ll never forget with your friends. Run, walk or jog, the Cleveland Hike can be your race, your way.

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What is the Cleveland Hike?

A competitive hiking event like no other...

The Cleveland Hike is designed to let you test your fitness, orienteering skill and determination by competing against other teams of hikers across the weekend. Entrants can choose to compete in the full two day competition (30 miles) or either of the single day events (choose from 10 or 20 miles).

*overall distances may vary slightly based on the finalised routes.

What is the Cleveland Hike?

Push your limits and use your skill to succeed

Using only maps and compasses, navigate your way from checkpoint to checkpoint across the North Yorkshire Moors. Points are awarded based on the reaching each checkpoint within the target times and by successfully completing the either physical, skill based or mental challenges at each checkpoint. 

The hike is an inclusive event, with friendly expert support on hand every step of the way, to help make it a great experience you’ll never forget!​

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Who can enter the Hike?

Attracting everyone from veteran experienced hikers to first time hikers looking for an adventure, or even fell runners in search of a different challenge - the Cleveland Hike is open for all abilities. Whether you want to run, jog or walk, you can do the hike at your pace your way. To enter you must have a team of 3 or 4 people all ready for the challenge. 

Anyone is welcome to join the hike, however the competition is particularly popular with teams from The Boys’ Brigade, Army Cadets, Scouts, Guides, DofE & British Army units and many more!

The Cleveland Hike is split into three competitions:

  • Youth Teams - 12 to 19 years of age (Teams of 3 or 4)
  • Expedition Teams - Non-competitive teams, or teams with juniors (under 12) accompanied by an experienced adult.
  • Adult Teams - 20 years of age and above (Teams of 3 or 4)

Teams with mixed age groups (12 to 20+) will be entered into the adult competition, providing at least one member is 20 or over.

What can I expect?

Organised, safe and a fantastic experience you’ll never forget

Running for over 50 years, our team are well experienced and with support from expert partners such as the British Army, Cleveland Search & Rescue and more, you can be assured the event is extremely well organised, safe and ultimately a whole lot of fun. 

Check out our event timeline for a more detailed run down of what to expect over the weekend. 

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​Frequently asked questions

Have a question about the hike? For further information, check out our FAQ’s page and more information on what to expect on our event timeline.

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