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Have a question about whether the hike? Find our most frequently asked questions below. For further information, check out our full FAQ’s page and more information on what to expect on our event timeline.

The Hike takes place across the North Yorkshire Moors, with teams navigating from checkpoint to checkpoint across the route.

The Cleveland Hike takes place on the 22nd & 23rd JUNE 2024​.

Entrants can choose to compete in the full two day competition (30 miles) or either of the single day events (choose from 10 or 20 miles).

Please see pages 9 & 10 of our information pack for a full kit list.

To make sure you enjoy the hike to it's fullest and safest, being full prepared is essential. We expect all participants must be:

  • Fit enough to complete the hike
  • Able to proficiently read a map
  • Able to proficiently use a compass
  • Able to perform basic first Aid
  • Aware of emergency procedures
  • Thoroughly aware of the Hike Rules and Regulations
  • In possession of all necessary equipment (See kit list)

To enter you must have a team of 3 or 4 people.

Dogs on the Cleveland Hike

Our code of conduct for safe and happy hiking hounds

The North Yorks Moors is a wonderful place for walking with your dog. It is also home to people, livestock and fantastic wildlife, including important populations of ground-nesting birds. Please read this code carefully and help us ensure that The Cleveland Hike, and dogs and their owners, all remain welcome visitors in this landscape.

More information can be found via the links at the bottom of the page.

Deciding whether to bring your dog

  • Please consider whether your dog is fit enough to complete the Hike and cope with any extremes of weather that may occur.
  • Remember that you will need to carry extra food, water and kit for your dog.
  • Remember that you will need to pick up and carry your dog’s poo, maybe for many miles.
  • Consider who will look after your dog if needs to drop out. On the Hike
  • It is Hike policy that dogs must be on leads at all times.
  • When crossing open moorland, keep dogs on a short lead (under 2m) and stay on the line of the path. This is for the protection of ground-nesting birds which are protected by law.
  • Keep your dog on a short lead near any livestock. A farmer can legally shoot a dog that is attacking or chasing livestock. However, if cattle or horses become aggressive, it is safer to let your dog off the lead.
  • Keep your dog on a short lead near horse-riders or cyclists.
  • Pick up your dog’s poo and carry it to the next available dog bin. This is to protect people, crops, livestock and wildlife from infection.
  • Always look out for local signs giving advice on keeping your dog on a lead at sensitive times for wildlife and farm animals.


The Countryside Code: advice for countryside visitors - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

The Kennel Club The Countryside Code | Campaigns | The Kennel Club


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