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Have a question about whether the hike? Find our most frequently asked questions below. For further information, check out our full FAQ’s page and more information on what to expect on our event timeline.

The Hike takes place across the North Yorkshire Moors, with teams navigating from checkpoint to checkpoint across the route.

The Cleveland Hike takes place on the 22nd & 23rd JUNE 2024​.

Entrants can choose to compete in the full two day competition (30 miles) or either of the single day events (choose from 10 or 20 miles).

Please see pages 9 & 10 of our information pack for a full kit list.

To make sure you enjoy the hike to it's fullest and safest, being full prepared is essential. We expect all participants must be:

  • Fit enough to complete the hike
  • Able to proficiently read a map
  • Able to proficiently use a compass
  • Able to perform basic first Aid
  • Aware of emergency procedures
  • Thoroughly aware of the Hike Rules and Regulations
  • In possession of all necessary equipment (See kit list)

To enter you must have a team of 3 or 4 people.

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